The superintendent and the safety directorwill have the authority to cancel an entry permit upon completion of the assigned task, upon finding unsuitable conditions or preparation, or if unsuitable conditions develop.

Do not disturb any asbestos.

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Review all health, safety and environmental incidents that have occurred and ensure that any learning from these is clearly understood and actions taken. It is the responsibility of the individual assigned the vehicle to ensure proper maintenance and repairs are performed.

Details of specific measurements are mentioned in individual procedures. Arkansas.

  • InfinityOffered ForAll Contractors are expected to participate in achieving the highest possible standards of Health and Safety on site.
  • The BSC aims to promote health, safety and environmental best practice for the benefit of society and the increase of productivity.
  • The precautions needed to achieve a reasonable standard of control should take into account the properties of the substances to be stored, eg flammable, corrosive, and toxic. Aircel In Prepaid This Object May Be Found

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Contract manager An authorised representative of Water Corporation responsible for selection of a contractor or management of a contract or both. The safety director and the superintendent will ensure that hearing protectors are worn. All personnel receiving a specific induction are obliged to sign our Induction register as proof of receipt.


Definitionsconfined spacehas the following properties: Existing ventilation is insufficient to remove dangerous air contamination oxygen deficiency that may exist or develop.

What is the reliability of equipment? This Policy document defines the vision, mission, aim, scope of application and required actions of the policy as well as the responsibility for its execution. However, if a respirator is used improperly ornot kept clean, the respirator itself can become a hazard to the worker. Employees are required to stand away from any vehicle being loaded or unloaded to avoid being struck by any spillage or falling materials. Instead, either fold the rag so a clean surface is exposed or use another rag. The contractor must retain evidence of management of change risk assessments.

Near Miss Not Reportable to the HSE. Aerial lift shall not be placed against another object to steady the elevated platform. Crane Lift Plan will be grounds for immediate cessation of work and possible permanent removal from the site. The person responsible for changing the batteries should have suitable training and instruction on how the change is to be carried out safely. The operator has been observed to operate the vehicle in an unsafe manner.


Each employee, any visitors and delivery drivers upon his arrival on the Project, shall be instructed on the EXELON Emergency procedure, Hazards and Site rules. This guidance note is effective three months from publication.

Contractor is equipped to meet BL standards. Example risk assessments These typical examples show on other businesses have managed risks You can range them as a guide to think into some oversight the. Drivers are expected to be able to gauge distances properly when leaving a parking place and enter traffic smoothly. If it is not possible to clean the floor to dry, use barriers or warning signs to keep people off the wet area. The safety directorthe superintendent will evaluate hearing protection for the specific noise environments in which the protector will be used. Gangways should yield the method statement example, we pay particular purpose?

All Annual Maintenance Contract ii. Ladders will never be tied to facility services piping, conduits, or ventilation ducting. If you continue to use this website without disabling cookies, we will assume you are happy to receive them. The appropriate precautions and actions to be taken by the employee in order to safeguard themselves and other employees at the workplace iv. Make sure the Risk Assessment Record or SSW formetc.


Their operational areas of responsibility are normally defined in the Organization section of the policy and illustrated by the organization chart. Any stock held for a prolonged period should be inspected at intervals to detect any damaged or degrading packaging.

Any form of retribution or intimidation directed at any individual or company for exercising their right to issue a stop work authority will not be tolerated by Cirks Construction Inc. On all ladders, do not step on cross bracing that is not intended to be used for climbing. If a driver goes off the road or strikes another vehicle because of skidding, the incidentis preventable.

Some materials produced by completing risk prevention, method statement example hse rules are. The supplier or manufacturer can provide this guidance. Gulf.

Discard and replaceany defective parts. The only way for it to become useful and effective at minimising risk is for those involved in the task to know of its existence and have read and understood it. If these trucks are used inside your warehouse, you may need to provide adequate ventilation to remove exhaust fumes. All Contractors will be required to undertake initial induction or familiarization training where their responsibilities will be explained. Employees will be required to obtain a permit to enter work in those spaces. HSE Procedure for developing Policies Procedures Protocols.

Method Statement Definition Hse Squarespace. The Inspector must also notify the Balmer Lawrie Site Manager at the earliest opportunity, who will monitor, advise and assist with any outstanding action. For a health and safety program to achieve its desired results, everyone in a workplace must know their responsibilities. Safe systems of work are intended to supplement, not replace, stronger prevention controls such as good equipment design or physical safeguards. The results of these analyses will be communicated to management, supervisors, and employees through safetymeetings and other appropriate means. All risks with statutory compliance, if any ii.

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The location of site offices will need to be considered in the development of the site and, they should be preferably located near the main site entrance. This includes the exchange of safety statements, or relevant extracts of them, relating to hazards and risks to employees.


Use hazard warning tape to cordon off the area and have fire truck positioned close by and If a significant or if chemical has entered storm water drain, river or sea contact the Statutory Emergency Services and Environmental Agency.

For fixed locations, fire points, assembly points, spill kit and means of warning will be detailed on a site layout plan, which will be displayed on the site office notice board. All skips sited in public areas to be lockable or preferable removed on a daily basis. Plant and Machinery Plant and machinery operating instructions are included in the operations procedures.


Monitor effectiveness of control measures. The Team Leader is required to maintain communication with landowners and site occupiers. Ascertain that proper first aid and firefightingequipment is maintained and used when conditions warrant its use. It should always be clear who is in charge and you should have arrangements for handing over control between visiting and site workers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Note: After each Entry is made in the accident book the individual form is to be sent immediately to your Office for secure storage in accordance with data protection legislation. This information shall be maintained until replaced following a subsequent certification. Traffic routes should have adequate strength and stability, taking account of the traffic passing over them.

  • Testing the equipment to ensure it is deenergized.
  • The conduct and control of all BL contractors.
  • HSE website for more information on flooring performance.
  • But again keep it simple and proportionate to the risks involved.
  • How could governments around the world protect bees?

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Details do not need to be entered into the accident book on site; however the Borras Accident Investigation Reportis to be completed by the site team. The vehicles are regularly maintained and meet the requirements of road traffic legislation. In other words, the same amount of a chemical may produce very different effects on two different people.


Unit Head Unit Head will ensure that adequate and appropriate resources are provided to ensure that the requirements of this procedure are applied. Hearing protectors must be worn when working with loud equipment such as cut off saws, chain saws, air hammersor grinders.

Do not use power tools in damp, wetor explosive atmospheres.


What needs to be included in a SWMS? New materials will not be introduced into the shop or field until a SDShas been received. Anyone using PPE must be provided with adequate information and training in the use and care of their PPE. The Regulations set out a simple hierarchy that you should follow when assessing the need to work at height and the equipment to undertake it. The safety policy should be dated and signed by the senior executive of workplace.


OR a label with the appropriate label elements just described; OR workplace labeling that includes the product identifier and words, pictures, symbols, or combination that provide at least general information regarding the hazards ofthe chemicals.

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Sweeping up the workplace Dust maybe generated when floor cutting, scrabbling, grinding, cutting, etc, is undertaken.


Peel off any silicone sealing bath to wall. Positioning device systems may be used together with a fall arrest system for greater safety. During severe weather conditions, activities on the temporary jetty will be seized and access to causeway will be closed. For any company that employs over five people, it is a legal responsibility to document all risk assessments undertaken in the workplace. This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and to analyze traffic. Mask Safety: Vetting Your Distributors and Suppliers!

They must be stored in a clean dry place; wire rope slings must be cleaned after use, inspected and hung on pegs to prevent corrosion and kinking ii. Where appropriate the construction phase plan shall be supplemented by project and task specific method statements.

What longevity the 5 types of hazards? Determine employees assigned to supervise and employees involved in the work or project. The frequency of inspection and testing for this type of equipment should be based on an assessment of risk. Railings willbe of a smooth surface to prevent injury to an employee from punctures or lacerations, and to prevent snagging of clothing. They do not produce any ill effect to skin or parts of the body in contact vi.

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Do you alert your workforce to new risks on site? Samsung.

The EXELON will have one common Site HSE Induction for all employees.