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When a lender or creditor gives you a payment deferral or forbearance period it means that the payments on that account are temporarily paused or reduced Many credit card companies are allowing customers to defer payments meaning you can skip a monthly payment without penalties.

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Homeowners can receive mortgage help from the federal government Home Affordable Unemployment Program This program can reduce someone's monthly mortgage payments for up to 6 months which will provide an individual time to find a new job.

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    Some major servicers already have to the harp mortgages rescue. HARP helps consumers who are up to date on their home loans but. Learn more about foreclosure rescue or loan modification scams. 11 Million Homeowners Seeking Mortgage Help Find Hope and. How the Government Mortgage Bailout Affected You.

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Many lenders offer mortgage products that allow homeowners to skip between 1-4 monthly mortgage payments each year without question If you decide to skip a payment it simply means you won't be making one of your regular mortgage payments principal interest.

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