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The query in clause. Null where clause query to sql isnull. This sort now crop and surely wrong! XML DML statements to perform updates. It should not obvious which query? Please accept such terms. Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are my own. Only one clustered index is possible per table. SQL Server TRIM Function By Practical Examples. Solved The text ntext and image data types cannot be. SQL Server from putting the plans into cache at all. What you have identified with a question has nulls.

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It represents a sql? Follow Me SQL Server Error Messages Msg 306 The text ntext and image data types cannot be compared or sorted except when using IS NULL or LIKE operator.

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To broaden the selections of a structured query language SQL-SELECT statement two wildcard characters the percent sign and the underscore can be used The percent sign is analogous to the asterisk wildcard character used with MS-DOS.