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You understand this is a bogus order, and you cancel my order.Does anyone else have this problem?

Subscribe to receive announcements from this store. It would be great if all sellers had instant checkout. Clicking on View Cart will take you inside the cart. You are commenting using your Google account. Nope, this is not true unfortunately. Here are some additional resources. Just try to do what you can to limit them. Just trying to share some perspective. Store successfully added to favorites. Please provide an email address to comment. Your previous content has been restored. What is this and what does it mean?

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    Thank you for your patience.
    The purpose of the Price Quote feature is to provide an option for buyers to request a quote before entering into an order contract.
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    Worked well, for me, never had any real issues.
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  • This generally takes a couple of hours, but may take longer if you have very high sales volume.ApplicableGst Applicable
    By submitting an order, you will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase all items in that order from the seller.
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    But then many websites are poor on a small display. Clear representation of the limits is needed though. Bricklink implemented address authentication. Do you expect them to remove customer rights? Okay, I see that now so I apologise.
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    Baseplates, BUPS and sets will be invoiced with an applicable increase in the shipping weight as to the special packing requirements of those items.
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This shows it is working exactly as intended.

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Checkout, you can select how you want to pay for your order, how you want your order to be shipped, whether or not you want your order to be insured and also enter any additional comments for the seller.

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And the three panelists came up with amazing ideas. And how do you expect this to change under LEGO? We are currently experiencing high call volumes. But explaining this over and over again is tedious. You would not have to use it yourself. Some items may require gentle cleaning. So, you will have to create them yourself. The invoice shown on PP.

Accept is used in request payloads to say what media types the server may use in the response payload.

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